Tuesday Tips: Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Meeting

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When you’re an associate with caseloads, meetings can feel like a waste of time especially if they’re long and boring. However, if you’re strategic about it, you can get a lot out of your next firm meeting. Let’s take a look at a few tips.

  1. Examine the agenda. Most meetings have a written agenda. Take the time to review that agenda before the meeting and think about the type of comments and questions you want to make. And if possible, and you’re inclined to do so, add your own items to the agenda.
  2. Leverage introductions. If you’re new, meetings are a great opportunity to let your co-workers know a little by about yourself. If introductions are done during the meeting, take the time to highlight professional information about yourself that is important but not widely known by your co-workers.
  3. Listen actively and take notes.  As the meeting progresses, make sure that you take notes so that your questions and comments are relevant and substantive.
  4. Contribute to the discussion. Even if you’re tempted to be quiet, step out of your shell and contribute to the discussion.  Insightful comments and questions will make a good impression on your new co-workers and help to build trust and respect.
  5. Confirm assigned tasks. If you were assigned tasks during the meeting, be sure to confirm them and the deadlines via email.  This ensures that you understand what’s expected of you.
  6. Read the minutes. If there are meeting minutes, take the time to review them.  Reviewing the meeting minutes can help you catch information that you might have missed or forgotten.

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