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There is no such thing as a nine to five attorney. Despite all firm efforts and legal staffers’ attempt to keep a routine that is governed by “regular” hours, something always comes up. Time management is the complete opposite of the common practice of legal firms: Billable Hours. While this is not a written attack on the concept, it does bring up the question: how do you save valuable time while keeping the working dynamics of the firm?

[Lucky for us lawyers], there are several applications and online tools that are useful especially when creating a line of communication or improving the attorney services for clients.  In the same way that Clio, Lexis Nexis and online legal filing have saved thousands of hours on legal research and litigation, using project-management, and time-tracking apps can modify the way lawyers work on a daily basis.

Time Management

As clients constantly (and consistently) demand updates on litigation cases as well as feedback on legal transactions, it is natural to look for online tools that are able to facilitate the above while improving client perception which can reduce unscheduled visits and follow- up telephone calls.

  • There are several email tools that can create both templates and weekly follow-up emails. Using these tools, attorneys can schedule reminders for hearings, depositions, they can also be used to plan emails and text messages weeks in advance. Spending one or two hours a week creating these reminders helps lawyers save precious time to better focus on actual cases.
  • Electronic document signing programs can help the entire firm. Document signing applications save time and money for all parties involved. Breaking up your day for unnecessary client meetings just to sign a document is a huge time suck. Corporate clients have less time for useless meetings especially if it is something that can be done electronically (and does not require fighting midday traffic).
  • Research tools are another great investment to help save time. There are numerous search engines and databases designed exclusively for the legal sector, that use artificial intelligence for precedent research. Every attorney worth their salt recognize that the difference between winning and losing sometimes depends on the ability to find legal support to claims or responses. This is an investment that will give you an advantage where it matters the most: in front of a judge.

While automatic response bots and emails sound like great ideas, keep in mind that the legal industry is and will always be governed by social relationships. Clients demand human contact, politeness, and nurture. Despite the tools, AI and bots you use to save time, keep in mind that your firm is still dealing with real-life problems. All clients are important and they deserve your focus and time. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on productivity, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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