Three Reasons Clients Fire Attorneys

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Every new hire faces unique client challenges on the job. But sometimes demanding clients can lead to stress, loss revenue for the law firm, and a ruined reputation if you’re not careful. Let’s look at three reasons why clients fire attorneys and a few ways to protect yourself.

  1. Lack of competency. No matter how skilled you are as an attorney, there are things that can happen that will cause a client to perceive you as incompetent. Small mistakes over a period of time can give the impression that you aren’t competent and big mistakes are definitely something that will cause a client to look for representation elsewhere. If you want to avoid being perceived as incompetent, be sure to attend to the details. Make sure all your correspondence is written professionally and that you’re not making amateur mistakes.
  2. Disinterest. No matter how small a legal matter may seem to an experienced attorney, a client always sees their case as a big deal. Lawyers who don’t treat a case with the urgency and interest that clients expect can find themselves getting tossed aside by a disgruntled client. To avoid this issue, clearly communicate with the client before you take the case about how often you will communicate with them and help set expectations about the seriousness of the case. This will help set proper expectations and avoid conflicts when you’re unable to immediately respond to a client’s inquiries.
  3. Time. If a case is taking longer than a client expects, they may look elsewhere for representation. Sometimes clients assume that you’re not doing your job if a case takes longer than you expect and they may panic. To avoid this issue, set expectations in advance. Let clients know how long their type of case typically takes. And if a case takes longer than expected, let the client know as soon as you realize there will be delays.

New associates can reduce the number of times they get fired by a client by setting reasonable expectations and treating client cases with the urgency they deserve.

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