Small Business Corner: Keys To Developing A Growth Mindset

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If the ultimate goal is to develop your business and move to the next level within the legal industry, it’s important to develop a growth mindsetA growth mindset is an idea that it takes hard, good strategy, and feedback for you or your organization to grow, that there are always opportunities to learn and develop new capabilities. A fixed mindset basically means that you believe your business needs nothing from the outside world, you’re great and never change. A growth mindset will help you expand your current abilities and reach new and unimagined heights. Here are tips on developing a growth mindset for your small business.

Growth mindset
  1. Abandon “destiny thinking.” If you believe that you are destined to achieve something without working for it, you harbor a fixed mindset. While it may seem positive to have goals – if you believe you’re simply destined to achieve those goals, are you also destined to not achieve other things? It is key to growth to replace destiny thinking with “evolutionary thinking.”
  2. Embrace evolutionary thinking.  Business owners who see their business as constantly growing and evolving are genuinely open to new and unimagined possibilities.  They look for opportunities to grow and learn new things and to also implement them in their business.  Evolutionary thinkers also understand that they do not have it all figured out and that too also helps to make them more open to receiving advice from others by saying yes.
  3. Say ‘yes’ to collaboration.  Small business owners with a growth mindset understand that they cannot do it all. They look for opportunities to collaborate with others in a way that helps both firms work more efficiently and effectively.  A growth mindset means that you understand that you cannot be your own assistant, accountant, and brand manager forever if you want your business to evolve.

Having a growth mindset does not come naturally. Business leaders need to work at developing this mindset. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on business management, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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