Recruiter Corner: Social Media Etiquette For Newbies

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Recruiter Corner: Social Media Etiquette For Newbies

If you are looking to get more out of your social media investment, the end of the year is a great time to begin planning for a January jump on things. One of the most important things to know are the social etiquette rules.  Social media etiquette can get tricky especially when things can be so rapid-fire, but follow a few simple rules and you will fit in and stand out in all the right ways in no time at Social Media etiquetteall.

  • Use relevant hashtags. Hashtags are trends (we covered this in this post on social media marketing). One of the biggest faux pas social media newbies make is abusing hashtags. In an attempt to get attention, some social media newbies stuff their posts with irrelevant but “hot” hashtags. Stuffing your social media posts with celebrity names when you’re talking about job posts will get you eye rolls while using sensitive hashtags related to sensational or tragic news will get you blocked at best and trolled at worst.
  • Stay relevant to the topic. Ever go to an in-person networking event where there’s one person who is constantly barging into a conversation with off-the-wall comments? No one wants to be that person, however many are that person in social media. Just like you need to read the room during an in-person networking event, you also need to read the room online. Before you drop your comments (or sales pitch) see what everyone is talking about and make sure you contribute meaningfully.
  • Curate who you follow/friend/connect to. Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, don’t follow/spam anyone. Follow/spamming is when you follow or friend someone because you expect them to follow/friend you back and when they don’t you click the unfollow or unfriend button. Simply don’t do it. Most follows are reciprocal, but if they are not, it doesn’t mean you cannot get a lot out of the info they post. Large entities (individual and organizations) may also need time before they engage with new follows/posts. Be patient.  Engaging in follow/unfollow bad behavior will get you blocked or called out.

To make a good impression online, learn the essentials of social media etiquette. If you need additional help, subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on recruiting, marketing, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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