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We know that common sense really isn’t common. We like to think that our readers know that nutrition is directly related to energy level, sleeping habits, and even your overall mood. However, if you did not know this (about nutrition), a healthy diet should be an important part of life, not just for lawyers, but all individuals. The problem is that in order to eat properly, the biggest sacrifice for a lawyer (and many other non-legal employees) is finding the time. (The irony of these “nutrition tips” is not lost on the author or the editor, just FYI.)


Client meetings often take place at fancy dining establishments, but when attorneys are on their own for lunch many are often seen at the nearest hot dog stand or food truck eating at lightning speed and most likely standing. Worst-case scenario, law firm staffers do not even take breaks and are forced to eat at their desks while still working.

Both the law firm and the lawyer are equally responsible for the lack of nutrition phenomenon. As food is fundamental for bodily functions, a healthy eating policy should be addressed in order for attorneys to take a pause from stressful paperwork to recharge batteries and sitting down for a nutritious meal.

Impossible Deadlines & Billable Hours Aside

Time Management

Impossible deadlines and billable hours are the biggest enemies of better nutrition. Legal practitioners are ferocious, restless workers and there is nothing, besides a structural fire or major catastrophe, that would make them stop for 20 minutes to eat lunch – but is that the best use of their time? This is especially true when they are hours away from a hearing, or when they feel in the “zone.”

Perhaps there are legal ramifications for creating a mandatory break for all employees, whatever the issue, providing healthy food for the legal staff even if just twice a week should be mandatory. Healthy habits can be part of the new law firm culture, it comes in handy in the event that the workload at the office is overwhelming. Stocking the kitchen with fresh fruit, bananas, apples, grapes, carrots – food that can be eaten on the go – can prove to be the difference between healthy eating and picking up a bag of chips. At the very least, a vending machine filled with healthy snacks can dramatically change the way employees eat and keep healthy (read: continue to live so they can also continue to work).

Nutrition tips

Plan Ahead

Things pop up, but in general, attorneys have an idea of how their day will go. When a hectic day is on the books, lawyers can plan their meals beforehand, bringing homemade meals, picking up a healthy snack on their way to the office, or even subscribing to a meal delivery service can help better take control of your wellbeing. The better you eat, the more productive you will be (read: no work gaps due to something preventable like emergency heart surgery). Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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