New Hire Tips: Three Things They Don’t Tell Newbie Lawyers

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If you’re a recent law grad, you’re probably both excited and nervous about your first gig in the real world. Well, there are a few things about working in law you need to know that most people won’t tell you. Let’s take a look at a short list.

  1. sales-newbieNo one cares how hard you’re working. One of the biggest temptations new lawyers face is trying to prove their competency by bragging on how hard they’re working. In three words: “don’t do it.” Even if you are working really hard on a case, there are at least ten other people who are working much harder. Prove your competency not by “working hard” but by getting the right things done.
  2. You need to sweat the small stuff. This little bit of wisdom may feel counter to every positivity speech you’ve heard. But the truth is that the details really do matter when you’re an attorney. Mind all the small details—typos, correct titles, punctuation, spelling, and even how many copies you need to make for court. These little details can make a huge difference in the work life of your superiors, and getting them right can make you look like a rock star.
  3. Get a team that can help you. When you’re the new guy on the block, you’re going to receive a lot of the grunt work. You’ll be expected to get it done and done on time. The only problem is that in many cases it will be impossible to do on your own. That’s why you must make it priority to get a “team” of people willing to help you complete much of the grunt work. This could be admin staff or other “low on the totem pole” attorneys who may be willing to help if they know that you’re going to reciprocate.

Understanding the inside “rules” of most law firms will put on you on the path to success.

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