New Hire Tips: Becoming A Rainmaker

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New Hire Tips: Becoming A Rainmaker

Every new hire wants to bring the right clients and work the most lucrative cases at the law firm. A rainmaker has an air of mystery. They have connections. They know how to talk to people and know how to make that money – so how does a new hire make the journey from the new kid on the block to rainmaker?

  • Focus on a specialty. If you want to become a rainmaker, you will need to focus on a specialty that’s in demand. Some new lawyers spend a lot of time trying to get their feet wet with many specialties becoming a jack of all trades, yet a master of none. Focusingrainmaker two to three specialties that are closely related with a practice area can give you the depth of knowledge and the experience you need to become someone who is preferred by clients. In a Current Attorney Report powered by Leopard Solutions’ Firmscape shows that the specialties with the largest class of attorneys in the top 200 are: Finance, M&A, Litigation, Securities, and Transactional law (read: Corporate Law).
  • Understand your place in the industry. Every rainmaker understands that they are not operating in a bubble. If you want to become profitable at your law firm, you must understand how current industry forces are impacting your practice area, your law firm, and you as an individual attorney. Start gathering information, join networks and organizations that can help you with the heavy lifting so you and can provide you with the data and analysis that can help you understand your position.
  • Position yourself carefully. To become a rainmaker, you must position yourself with the right mentors, clients, and partner relationships. You need to work on building your reputation and your network in a way that will pave the road for your career. Publishing thought leadership pieces can help market and position you as a subject matter expert and build your reputation as someone who understands the legal side of [business].
  • Be different. Beyond mastering your specialty and building the right networks, you must stand out at your law firm by bringing a combination of skills, experience, and intellectual capital that creates a unique package.

Becoming a rainmaker requires focus, good networks, a high level of competence, and a unique professional package that differentiates you from other attorneys. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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