Recruiter Corner: Maximizing Your Time, Energy and Productivity

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Top legal recruiters seem to master their schedules and energy levels in a way that increases productivity. What’s their secret? We take a closer a look at what helps the best legal recruiters stay at the top of their game maximizing their time, energy and productivity: 

  • Plan Your Day the Night Before: One of the best kept productivity secrets of many legal recruiters is that they plan their day in advance, in many cases the night before. By planning your day the night before, you save time and hit the ground running to tackle your daily tasks.
  • Manage Your Energy Level: Identify the times of day where your energy levels are at their peak and then schedule your tasks accordingly. The most difficult time and energy consuming tasks should be done when you have the most amount of energy. If you’re a morning person you may want to tackle your most difficult jobs in the early part of your day. Conversely, if you’re a night owl, don’t be afraid to create an unconventional schedule that allows you to work in the middle of the night.
  • Take Breaks: Even if you’re a high energy person, you’re not a machine and there’s no way you can operate like one. You need frequent breaks throughout the day if you want to continue to function properly. Don’t be afraid to schedule an hour lunch and two fifteen-minute breaks, and don’t worry, it won’t ruin your productivity.
  • Minimize Distractions: The workday is filled with a million little distractions that can rob you of your energy and time. The phone may ring, your email box may call, and people may insist on showing up at your office door. These distractions eat away at your time in tiny but important little bites. To solve this problem, you should schedule distraction free chunks of time to complete the most important tasks

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