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Leopard Solutions believes associating you with the people who have the power to say yes. We believe in connections, telling the most complete and accurate narrative of the in-house legal department, the law firm, and attorney with innovative and intuitive products. Leopard Solutions’ suite of products is designed to fulfill a wide variety of business needs – from market research to business and competitive intelligence for growth and development. Leopard’s data solutions are continuously aggregated and human-vetted to provide the most accurate, in-depth, and real-time insight into thousands of the top law firms and attorneys throughout the U.S. and globally. Frequent updates ensure relevancy and competitive edge.

With our family of products, you can measure, forecast, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the market for financial success.

  • Leopard In-House. Corporate counsel directory consisting of over 70,000 attorneys including corporate executive groups to connect you to the people who can say yes to your services.
  • Leopard Firmscape. Market research and curated reports on U.S. and international law firms with the unique ability to drill down to the attorney level for a full 360°-overview of any firm.
  • Leopard List. The attorney database updated weekly by our proprietary algorithm and team of data experts. It is designed to serve the needs of business development, sales, marketing, and talent acquisition.
  • Leopard Job Search. For business development, market research, and competitive intelligence

We are committed to connecting you to the right people, to providing the highest quality data and delivering exceptional service to our clients.