Leopard Tip: How To Maintain A Teachable Attitude

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Leopard Tip: How To Maintain A Teachable Attitude

Leopards have a been walking the Earth for 11 million years. Their survival is attributed to their versatile and highly adaptive nature. It is through adaptation that people also survive both personally and professionally. To continue to develop professionally, attorneys must continue to study law. However, beyond new and amended laws, it can be difficult to maintain a teachable mindset when you’ve reached a high level of competence in your profession. Regardless of how skilled you are, there is always room to grow and learn something new. Here are tips on maintaining a teachable attitude.

Teachable Attitude

  • Ask questions. Keep a curious mindset. Firm leaders must continuously ask themselves, “How will this job change in the next five years?” “What can this firm do to improve productivity?””What technical advances are being made in this field, how can we implement them?”
  • Keep an eye towards the future. Many law firms are guilty of not trusting technology. Technology is here to stay and is causing many of the changes within the legal industry. Many partners fall into the habit of doing things the old way. Age has nothing to do with understanding new and efficient ways of doing things. Avoid getting stuck in the past by always looking towards future trends, shifts, and innovations. The most successful firms today are the ones who aren’t afraid of trying new things.
  • Recognize weaknesses. The most experienced attorney has blind spots. No one firm is perfect. Recognize flaws in the system of doing things and remain open to changes, correction, and constructive criticism.
  • Doubt your assumptions. Challenge your assumptions! There are clear rules on how things are done within the legal industry, however, there are always exceptions. Remember, exceptions can become new rules. Prepare to challenge assumptions about how to run your firm, the legal industry, and how it will all work in the future.
  • Ask for help. Firm leaders have been practicing law for years. That is great, but while many have been knee-deep in law books, precedents, and torts the business models have changed. If you lagged behind for a while, take a class. Getting someone to walk you through new technologies or other changes will give you an advantage as you’re learning something new.

Technology has changed many things: how we do business, but also how we learn. Maintaining a teachable attitude will position your law firm to adapt to changes in the legal industry and world around you. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on law firm management, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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