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Keeping a close watch on the competitive legal landscape provides you
with the edge you need to strategically grow your law firm and increase profits.

Delivering the most accurate, in-depth law firm data in the industry, Leopard Solutions is the #1 provider of competitive intelligence to law firms and corporations

law firm data, law firm market researchWhether you are interested in hiring trends, mergers, growing to meet market demands, or you just want to know more about whom you’re up against in court, Leopard Solutions provides the most accurate, in-depth current and historical law firm market research on the top US law firms—including attorneys, job needs and financials. As part of our on-going product development in response to clients’ needs, our extensive database soon will include leading international firms and attorneys.

Profitable Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Specifically designed to serve the specialized needs of your law firm market research, business development, legal recruiting, sales and marketing, and attorney teams, Leopard Solutions makes it fast and easy for you to:

  • Uncover hiring trends & growth in attorney numbers
  • Uncover changes in practice areas and specialties
  • Track mergers
  • Know more about whom you’re up against in court
  • Find the right candidates who are the perfect fit for your firm
  • Uncover attorney history that is generally not self-reported
  • Easily run reports that save you time and money
  • Grow your market share and reputation by staying ahead of the curve
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Data Solutions for Law Firms

The Leopard List

The Leopard List

Accurate, in-depth online search database of leading US attorneys.

Leopard Job Search

Leopard Job Search

Real-time global database of job openings posted by law firms and Fortune 500 firms.

Leopard Firmscape


Accurate, in-depth competitive intelligence, market research & law firm analytic program.

Find out why we are the most trusted legal database provider in the industry.

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