Law Firm Tips: Keeping Morale High During Hard Times

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Law Firm Tips: Keeping Morale High During Hard Times

Forbes, CNN, Fox Business News among other media outlets are predicting a down economy for at least half of 2019. This week, Uber and Lyft sought to launch IPOs ahead of the downturn. Many other organizations are scrambling to save in time for the new year. Facing uncertain economic hard times is tough for even the most seasoned attorneys who have seen it all. Down economic times are exactly why it’s important that law firms focus on keeping morale high even when they’re struggling to match previous years’ financial goals. Tips on keeping morale high:

  1. Tell the truth. Some partners may be tempted to sugarcoat the harsh realities regarding the firm’s financial position. That is a mistake. Most Hard Timesassociates and other law firm employees for that matter can sense when things are wrong. Keeping the team in the dark will only flame rumors and make matters worse. It is best to be forward about any trouble the law firm is facing even if your candidness is in general terms.
  2. Share the plan. Once firm management has put together a plan to right the law firm’s financial fortunes, share an overview of the plan at a company meeting. Letting your employees know that there is a plan in place for solving any financial problems that can arise gives them hope that they will be employed for the foreseeable future.  You will find out that many associates are willing to ride out a financial storm with a law firm they trust and believe in.
  3. Highlight good news. When you’ve reached a goal or have overcome an obstacle, share that news with your associates and support staff. Letting everyone needs to know that the law firm is making progress reaching its financial goals is a great morale booster. Just a small amount of good news can keep morale high during hard times.
  4. Offer consistent updates. Nothing is worse than a black hole of silence when a law firm is facing a potential crisis. Schedule monthly or quarterly updates about the law firm’s status. Knowing what is happening with the firm can help keep rumors at bay and imaginations from going wild.

Maintaining high morale at your law firm can help you retain your best and brightest people even in the hardest of times. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on retention, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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