Law Firm Management: How to Minimize Toxic Office Politics

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Law Firm Management: How to Minimize Toxic Office Politics

Almost every law firm suffers from some level of office politics. Sometimes it cannot be avoided. However, it benefits associates and partners to minimize toxic office politics when possible. The following is a list of how law firms can take action to minimize office politics in the workplace.

  • Toxic office politicsGive more autonomy. Set up a system where associates have some say in the type of cases they take on. Partners should try to match assignments with an associates’ aspirations and interests. Firms should also make sure that each associate takes on their fair share of difficult, boring, and complex cases so that no one attorney is carrying the most burdensome cases all of the time.
  • Fair compensation. Law firms that institute compensation packages and rules based on performance are less likely to have toxic office politics dominate their business. When people know that increases in compensation are based on results, they’re likely to spend less time with office politics and more time focused on productivity.
  • Reasonable termination rules. People should not be fired without warning. When firms terminate associates with no warning, this can create an environment of fear where all law firm staffers assume that anyone can be let go for any reason. Instead of surprise terminations, have clear rules about why someone can be let go and give associates written warnings and opportunities to improve when they are failing to meet` expectations.

When the firm has a finger the pulse of its culture and they keep an eye towards equitable treatment, the firm is just about guaranteed to minimize and even rid itself of toxic office politics. With less politicking, you are certain to have more productivity. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions about firm management, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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