Law Firm Management: Systems Can Help Your Law Firm Thrive

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Law Firm Management: Systems Can Help Your Law Firm Thrive

It could have been that one day you became fed up, left, and decided to open up your own firm. You have all the legal experience needed, the book of business, but not the administrative skills to come up with a system that works. Perhaps you always had an assistant, or you never had a “regular” job at a small office wearing many hats, but understanding how systems work and how your law firm is impacted by these systems can empower you to make changes that will help your new firm thrive.

Here are a few facts about systems and the way they impact the law

  1. All things exist in a system. Every person and organization is part of a larger system. Within each system, all things impact another. If your firm is having trouble getting the revenue needed to survive, don’t just look at the number of clients or book of business, look at the entire system—the economy, the value others place on your legal service, the quality of your associates, the location of your law firm, etc. Once you understand how the system is impacting you, you can take appropriate and effective action. Conduct a PEST analysis to help you take a deeper look (Political, Economic, Social, Technical).
  2. Systems create intended results. There are situations where the system in place is analyzed, only to notice that it is not creating the intended result. Look again. The assumption, oftentimes, is that the system is broken but in reality, the system is actually performing as designed and producing results not considered to be crucial. Think about the law firm; is there a system in use that is not producing as expected? Take a second look to find out if you simply have the wrong expectation.
  3. The impact of the systemic change is always delayed. When making a change to a system, it will take time to see the impacts of the changes. This applies to everything from the wider society down to the law firm. If systemic changes have been made to improve revenue and impact profits, don’t expect instant results – they will take time.

Understanding how systems work will give you the edge you need to make effective improvements in your law firm. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on law firm management, diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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