Law Firm Hiring: Keys To Attracting Millennials

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A lot has been written about Millennials, much of it based on biased assumptions. Many essays that examine the generation talk about helicopter parents and the failure of youth to truly launch. But new studies have found that Millennials are coming into their own and law firms need to offer key benefits if they want to hire them. Here are keys to attracting Millennials:

#1 Reasonable Compensation

The Millennial generation is no longer living with their parents—they’re getting married, having kids, and buying homes. If law firms want to recruit this generation, they must offer solid compensation packages that have benefits that will help employees support their growing families and their financial ambitions.

#2 Social Impact

Collecting a paycheck isn’t enough for most Millennials, they also want to improve the world around them. Many new associates want to work for law firms that take an active role in being socially responsible in how they do business and how they interact with the community. Law firms who have a history of positive social impact in the world will find it easier to attract Millennials.

#3 Loyalty

Some people have assumed that Millennials are flighty, hopping from one job to another, but the truth is that they can be loyal to employers who are loyal to them. Law firms who can offer job security and advancement are more likely to attract very loyal Millennials.

#4 Personal Time

Millennial lawyers are hard workers but they also value their personal time. Law firms who understand and respect their associates’ need for personal time will find it easier to attract Millennials.

If law firms want to work with the Millennial generation, they must understand the facts about what that generation wants out of job. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for discussions on attracting diverse candidates, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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