Law Firm Hiring: How Employee Performance Reviews Help All Law Firms

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How Employee The Performance Review Can Help All Law Firms

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Many employees and employers alike view annual performance review as archaic. Many are looking for something different, but getting rid of performance reviews completely may not be the best strategy. We have a few ways that employee performance reviews help law firms, even the small ones:

  • Open channels of communications. In fast-paced law firms, communicating the needs of the firm and the employees is important. Performance reviews offer an opportunity for law firms to clearly communicate to associates what they need them to do and how they need them to improve. And since performance reviews are structured and expected, employees don’t feel put on the spot when by a discussion about their work.
  • Employee development. By shifting the frame on employee performance reviews just a little, we can also see them as opportunities for employees to grow. Instead of telling an employee, “You did good/bad,” you can use the performance review as an opportunity to create improvement plans. But you don’t just need improvement plans for employees who are making mistakes, everyone can improve and grow.
  • Employee feedback. It’s a smart idea to use performance reviews as an opportunity to receive feedback from your employees. How are they feeling about your law firm? What do they think you could improve? By allowing the performance review to be a two-way street, you can create a dynamic based more on an equal partnership. You can also receive important information about how you can make your law firm more attractive to job candidates.

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