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Tuesday Tips: Getting The Most Out Of Your Next Meeting

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When you're an associate with caseloads, meetings can feel like a waste of time especially if they’re long and boring. However, if you’re strategic about it, you can get a lot out of your next firm meeting. Let’s take a look at a few tips.

New Hire Tips: Becoming A Rainmaker

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Every new hire wants to bring the right clients and work the most lucrative cases at the law firm. A rainmaker has an air of mystery. They have connections. They know how to talk to people and know how to make that money - so how does a new hire make the journey from the new kid on the block to rainmaker?

New Hire Tips: Negotiating A Flexible Work Schedule

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In a Pew Research study earlier this year, more than 50% of full-time working mothers wanted a more flexible work schedule to meet the demands of parenting and their job. Fortunately, more law firms are becoming open to flexible work schedules that allow their attorneys to parent and continue their career.

Recruiter Corner: How To Warm Up Your Next Cold Call

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With so much information on the web and platforms such as Leopard Solutions, cold calls turn warm if you know how to use the data at your disposal. Don't have data? Pull your boots up and figure out how to warm up your next cold call to a potential candidate.

Recruiter Corner: Using The Power of The Internet to Enhance Your Business

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As a sole proprietor, you are the boss, the assistant,  the accountant, bookkeeper, the marketer, the salesperson, operations and the hardest working employee all rolled up into one. It is not easy. Many small businesses fail not because they do not fill a niche, but because not enough people/businesses know about them and what they can do for them. Your great idea is not a "field of dreams," because even though you built it, they did not come. So, how does the sole recruiter remedy that? By harnessing the power of the internet and social media to enhance your business. 

New Hire Tips: Handling Bigotry In The Workplace

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You have found your dream job. It is great. What happens when you discover you're working in a toxic environment of racism, sexism, misogyny, and bigotry? You fought so hard to get this job! Below are tips on handling bigotry in the workplace.