New Hire Tips: How To Disagree With Your Boss

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New Hire Tips: How To Disagree With Your Boss

When you’re starting a new job you want to get along with as many people as possible. Especially your boss. As an attorney, however, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes you need to challenge people and even disagree with people in power. So how do you disagree with your boss and still keep your job?surviving a micromanager

  1. Maintain respect. No matter what your position at your new law firm, always maintain respectful behavior and language with others even when you disagree with them. This means avoiding put-downs, profanity, and condescending assumptions about their positions. It also means acknowledging that their views have value and that you consider their input to be a positive one.
  2. Ask for permission. Before you share your point of view with your boss or another person in power find out if it’s wanted input. Simply say something along the lines of, “Thanks for sharing. I had some different ideas about that particular issue. Is it okay if I share it with you?” This lets the other person know that you understand that they do not have to hear or consider your view but that you feel it’s something they should hear.
  3. Avoid negative language. Don’t say things like, “That’s dangerous, stupid, careless etc.” Avoid putting a negative value judgment on what the other person said. Simply state your position and if you must make a value judgment, focus on something you agreed with.
  4. Stay calm. If you feel intimidated by the other person’s power, you may feel nervous. Don’t show your nervousness. Try to stay calm and speak without any charged emotions.

It’s okay to challenge people in authority as long as it’s done right. You should not go on a rant about why they are wrong and you are right. There are ways to respectfully disagree without losing your cool. Subscribe to the Leopard Blog for tips on building better business relationships, discussions about diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics.

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