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Whether you are a law firm leader or a legal recruiter, you can attract and retain great talent by creating a culture that promotes employee productivity, comradely and well-being. Considering the long hours that attorney and their support staff spend together, employee engagement should be a priority in a law firm. When you take steps to engage your employees, you will retain valuable talent and will save the firm the cost of high turnovers. There are several, easy ways to increase employee productivity and overall happiness in their respective role in your firm. Here are some areas to focus on that will attract new candidates and benefit your employees as well your firm.

Corporate Culture

Your firm’s brand should be crystal clear that it is committed to excellence for its clients and employees. Select highly-skilled individuals who will contribute to your firm and share your commitment to quality work. To create a team-oriented culture, highlight that your support personnel are important contributing members of your firm’s success.

The reality is that most employees in a law firm, and elsewhere, leave because they do not feel they are being treated right. Loyalty cannot be earned in an environment that breeds disrespect and inequality. The best ways to foster a positive environment is to encourage your employees to take ownership of their projects. When you recognize their talents and skills, you show that you have respect for their contributions. This will almost always encourage them to contribute more of their talents. It is also important to recognize their contributions in successful cases or projects. In doing so, it encourages them have more dedicated in their tasks and share in your firm’s pride.

Employee Compensation

A firm’s compensation package for productive employees should be fair. Avoid noncompetitive compensation packages that will result in expensive employee turnovers. Provide benefits that offer peace of mind and protection to your employees and their families. Healthy employees have fewer sick days off so be sure to offer good health and dental plans.

Support Career Advancement

Everyone appreciates recognition for their hard work. Provide training for long-term employees and reward your dedicated employees with in-house promotions. The investment of training, development and advancement will also benefit your firm with a skilled team and increased loyalty.

Fun Rewards 

Firm celebrations and fun events result increase amicable relationships among employees and increased effort. If your budget is conservative, consider a potluck. There are any opportunities throughout the year to reward employees—from employment anniversaries to birthday and holiday celebrations.  The goal here is to create and support a fun, energetic atmosphere to make your firm a great place to work. 

When you make the extra efforts to make your firm an enjoyable place to work through appreciation and rewards, you will get happier employees and clients and of course, higher productivity and increased profits.

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