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What if we told you that verified legal data can make most aspects of your job easier?

As a legal talent professional, you are constantly tasked to source qualified candidates to fill open positions. Usually, the request to fill a position is reactive to a lateral exit out of the firm. Our attorney and law firm directory is specifically designed to serve your talent acquisition needs. We deliver comprehensive intelligence on top attorneys from leading law firms across United States and internationally to help you strategize for growth. Unlike other reporting tools, Leopard reports are updated weekly, offering you the most up to date law firm and attorney statistics. 

With the right data you can:

  • Create a targeted pipeline of interested and incentivized attorneys that are best suited to fill your open positions while reducing time spent on sourcing recruits
  • Predict potential lateral moves, using your targeted list of interested attorneys, minimize downtime and proactively fill positions while reducing the firm’s dependence on outside recruiters 
  • Grow your market share by building a data-driven narrative to motivate candidates to join your firm

The right data. The right report. When you need it.  

  • Firmscape Report is a 360° overview report on the current health of your firm or a competitive firm. Want a look? Click on the name to  get a sample view  
  • Growth/Decline Report is a firm scorecard by headcount. Who’s growing? Who’s in decline? See if the issue is isolated, regional, or industry wide. This report answers those questions. 
  • Laterals Report answers the question of where laterals are going and uncover exit patterns. Which practice areas see a higher level of recruitment?
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