Five Hints That Job Is A Scam

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Job_ScamAs the competition for law firm jobs grows fiercer, the scammers are coming out droves. If you want to save time and avoid problems, you’ll need to protect yourself by discerning which jobs are scams and which are legit. Below are a few tips that a job ad is really a scammer in disguise:

  1. No employer info. While it’s true that many employers place blind ads, job ads with absolutely no information about the employer (i.e. size, time in business, location) are highly suspicious. At a minimum the employer should list some information about their firm that will help you understand what they have to offer and how they’re positioned in the marketplace.
  2. It’s too good to be true. Job ads that claim you can earn thousands of dollars with very little effort are usually designed to cost you money. Be cautious of any ad that sounds too good to be true– because it probably is.
  3. A dig for information. Job ads that ask you to include in your application more information than necessary are usually scams. If any “employer” asks for your social security number, bank account number or other financial information, run away.  Many scammers fish for victims on job boards and steal their identity and/or money.
  4. Application fees. No matter how good a job sounds, you should never pay a fee to apply.
  5. Cattle calls and email interviews. Getting an interview can make any job seeker feel relieved, but don’t let your guard down too soon. If the interview is via text or email, be very wary. And if it’s a “group” interview with other candidates, run the other way. Legitimate employers will at least do an individual phone interview, and they won’t block their number when they do it.

No matter how eager you are to find work, keep your guard up and protect yourself against scams.

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