Leopard In-House

In-House DatabaseLeopard In-House is the largest online database of corporate counsel in the U.S.

Built on the same great platform as the Leopard List, Leopard In-House contains unique data you can’t get anywhere else. Recruiters and law firms, respectively, have a unique repository of data available to them to use for multiple purposes, such as marketing, business development, or recruiting. In-House counsel can also tap into the power of Leopard In-House to obtain competitive intelligence.

What can Leopard In-House do for you?

  • It’s your go-to source for key data on corporate counsel.
  • Provides recruiters with thoroughly researched data compiled by legal experts to aid in selecting qualified candidates for clients.In-House Database
  • Law Firms have access to a wealth of comprehensive data to support business development — names, positions, and detailed information of in-house counsel for thousands of companies
  • Legal marketers can connect with in-house counsel to provide them with relevant, beneficial information, and services like seminars, webinars, or thought leadership pieces.
  • Competitive & Market Intelligence: Corporate Counsel can harness the power of the database to analyze in-house legal departments of companies in their industry, as well as using it for recruiting purposes to find the best candidates to fill in-house legal vacancies.

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