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Data is power in legal recruiting. Success depends on having accurate, comprehensive attorney job postings data available quickly so you can effectively match the right candidate with the right opening!

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attorney jobs, law firm jobsLeopard Job Search is the surest way for you and your team to get the most accurate and comprehensive real-time nationwide and global attorney jobs in the industry.

Delivering real-time attorney job postings, our advanced technology and team of legal search experts monitor more than 650 law firms, including Fortune 500 firms, throughout the day. We bring you the most accurate and up-to-date law firm jobs available.

Our searchable jobs database has advanced features that give you:

  • Access to real-time open, closed and modified job data from more than 650 law firms, including nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies
  • Record Status Codes and Date Stamps to easily identify job posting status
  • N/R Status Codes that identify jobs closed to recruiters; plus notification if they are opened to recruiters, giving you a complete view of the industry landscape
  • Ability to search by Location, Practice Area, and much more…plus ability to search entry-level and summer associate positions appropriate for Law Students
  • Up to 5 geo-targeted Regions – 4 in the US & 1 Worldwide
  • Real-time alerts to your Alert Dashboard; every 15 minutes to your email; plus ability to customize Alerts
  • Actionable workflows that display all matching candidates with a single click
  • Workflow efficiencies including direct links to job postings; download and print with ease; ability to save and re-use search criteria; annotate job postings; search and download notes
  • Complete integration with all Leopard Solutions Attorney Database Solutions

Empowering you to place more candidates in attorney jobs easily and successfully, Leopard Job Search delivers the data you need to build your brand and your revenue stream.

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