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How Lawyers Can Protect Their Clients’ Data

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For law firms, data security is always top on the list of priorities. Law firms are entrusted with very sensitive client information in the course of their day to day business. The need for data security is of the utmost importance. Lack of security for law firms can lead to lawsuits from clients whose data may leak because of a breach of security.
Hackers do not rest. They are always on the prowl, looking for new victims. Law firms are especially prone to hacking due to the amount of sensitive data they store. If your data is not properly encrypted, hackers may intercept it, or infect your system with ransomware.

How Law Firms Can Help Attorneys Build Resilience

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There are many things Law Firms can do to build a positive environment and cultivate resilience. The overall goal is to remove obstacles and to build a structural support system that enables growth and pathways to success. This effort to cultivate resilience can start from the very first day a lawyer starts working at your firm and proceed throughout his/her career.

3 Ways to Get A New Client

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It is important to understand that when a client contacts you, you have the potential to lose them as much as you have to win them over. The immediate interaction between you and the potential client can make all the difference. What can you do to reduce the likelihood that clients will slip through your fingers?

5 Great Reasons to Outsource Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

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Time is the most valuable asset you have. Successful attorneys know that they need to prioritize their time with important tasks and delegate the rest. Virtual assistants can handle tasks you don’t want to do but need to, while saving time and money. A virtual assistant or VA can help with specific office tasks that one can complete via the Internet. The tasks can range from bookkeeping a few times a month to handling duties in the capacity of a part-time remote employee.

How To Build a Future Proof Law Practice

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What does it truly mean to future proof your law firm? It means that your firm must be capable of adapting to regulatory and technological changes in the legal industry. It also means mitigating risks. So, the next obvious question is how do you future proof your law firm.

The Past and Future of Virtual Reality And The Law

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Virtual reality in the courtroom is not a completely new concept. New developments in computer technology, dubbed "virtual reality" applications, put the computer user into the computing environment as a way to traverse and interact with information.  VR can help jurors "view" the evidence and reach a decision.