Attorney Job Search: You’re Never Too Old For a Career Change

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Career Change

It’s the beginning of a new year and resolutions are in full swing. The new year often brings about thoughts of change; change for a healthier lifestyle, a new job, or even a new industry. If you’re thinking about changing practice areas or leaving the field of law altogether, you are never too old for a career change. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you should never let age stop you from the career change you have always dreamt of (or since NYE).

  1. Everyone changes. If you began working as an attorney in your 20’s, it may not be realistic to stay in the exact same practice area (or the field of law) for decades. Your needs and desires will inevitably change and you shouldn’t feel inhibited by your age when it comes to following new passions. If you feel that who you are today no longer matches the choices you made 10 or even 20 years ago, don’t let your age stop you from moving in a new direction.
  2. You have a wealth of experience. While many people assume that there is an expiration date on major life changes, the truth is that the older you get, the more experience you accumulate. Even if you make a major career change in your forties or fifties, you’re never starting from ground zero. You’re bringing serious skills and experience to the table of any new job your take on.
  3. Someone is waiting for you. Not every law firm is looking for a brand new attorney or recent graduate. Many people are desperately searching for seasoned professionals who will bring the wisdom and experience that can’t be taught in any classroom. Don’t let internalized ageism stop you from being a gift to the world.

If you’re thinking about a career change, don’t let your age stop you. Age is nothing but a number, and you’re NEVER TOO OLD to learn or do something new (hey, if my 92-year-old grandma can learn social media – you got this!). Subscribe to the Leopard Blog  for discussions on diversity, law firm insights, and other relevant topics. 

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