Attorney Job Search: How to Tell Your Success Story

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Employers want to hire winners, and what better way to demonstrate that you’re a winner than to share a success story. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to tell your story of triumph over challenges and impossible odds.

  1. Draw a clear picture. When you first begin to tell your success story, make sure you draw a clear picture of the situation and yourself as the protagonist in this story. Let the reader or interviewer know where you were working, what your position was, and what your values and goals were. For example, you might say, “Ten years ago, I was just out of law school and working at XYZ law firm. I was excited about helping people facing criminal charges in the small town where I was working.” This way, the reader or interviewer will know whom to root for and why.
  2. Make them hate the villain. The villain in your success story should always be a problem you were facing (never a person). To make them hate the villain, make them feel the pain of the problem. For example, maybe you were working in a town with a large immigrant population and you found it difficult to get them to trust lawyers. This lack of trust would not only have a painful impact on your legal practice but also the community you’re trying to serve. It’s this pain that you want to convey to the person with whom you’re sharing your story.
  3. Make them cheer your victory. When you describe how you overcame your problem, don’t skimp on the details. Share with your reader or interviewer what strategies and tactics you used to conquer the problem. Also, share with them any additional conflicts you faced in your journey to resolve the issue. Your victory should be the thing that makes the reader or interviewer gain additional insights into your work ethic, grit, and your character as an attorney.

If told well, success stories can help you stand out in a crowd of qualified attorneys.

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