Attorney Job Search: Four Steps To Overcoming Discouragement

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Attorney Job Search: Four Steps To Overcoming Discouragement

It is easy to become discouraged. Even the most qualified attorneys sometimes experience feelings of disappointment and hopelessness during a tough job search. It feelings are more pronounced when at a firm out of desperation, or you have been looking for a while. Fortunately, there are a few strategies for overcoming discouragement during a job search that anyone can follow.

  1. A quick reality check. Why do you feel discouraged? Oftentimes the feelings of disappointment creep up because things are not working out as expected. The reasons for that may be due to the fact that your expectations are out of sync with reality. Take time for a reality check. Is the job market lukewarm now? Is your city experiencing an economic downturn? Are your skills up toOvercoming Discouragement par? Keep your expectations aligned with the real circumstances you’re dealing with during the job search.
  2. Continue learning. Some job seekers become discouraged because they deem every rejection as a personal failure. It really isn’t. It’s important to remember that even if you made a mistake during the job search process, everything is a learning experience. Each mistake made is an opportunity to help you get closer to your professional goal and that dream job.
  3. Do not compare yourself to others. Your achievements are your own and though it is easy to compare yourself to your peers, it will only bum you out and make you feel inadequate. It is important to remind yourself that each person is on their own unique career path, and has a different story to tell. The journey of a legacy attorney (the pressure of measuring up to another family member or parent) and that of the first college graduate in a family (the pressure of needing to provide for the larger family) is very distinct. You can’t ever quite compare yourself to anyone else and have it reflect anything accurate about who you are or your value to a firm/corporation.
  4. Shake up your social circle. Discouragement can come from the people you love, those who surround you. If your social circle is negative or discouraging (“you should never leave a job that pays”), consider avoiding the negative people in your life during your job search. It’s easy to say find more positive friends, but that is not the case. However, making it a point to surround yourself with supportive people will help you survive a tough job search.

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