“ You’ve done a great job of making your services nearly indispensable, even in a down market when some may be looking to cut costs. Congratulations to you and your team on your well deserved success!! ”

Arthur J. Polott, Esq.
   Managing Director,   Gateway Legal Placements,   LLC

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Welcome Recruiters

Detroit Michigan was the latest addition to the Leopard List, along with over 7000 for our new Firmscape Product. We invite you to read more about The Leopard List and to view our videos on how the system works! Watch this page for announcements of new areas as we continue to grow in 2013.Watch video HERE


The Leopard List compiles essential candidate data from over 1600 top law firms and provides an extensive database of over 160,000 associates and partners. It is thoroughly researched, accurate and continuously updated, thus saving you time and money.


Our Job Search program provides the impossible. It checks over 642 law firm websites, and 100 Fortune 500 companies TWICE A DAY for open closed and modified positions. Clients are alerted via email as new job appear in the morning and afternoon postings. No other system, and no other method can keep you better informed.


Leopard Solutions helps you stay on top of hiring trends, as well as show the direction law firms are taking. Are they downsizing their LITIGATON department and building up their IP group Leopard Reporting can tell you by providing the most updated information in its unique format.


Our data has become invaluable to our clients and now we take a step further to measure and view our data for another purpose, Competitive Intelligence. Knowing what competing law firms are doing can better inform the choices law firms make in their own firms. Whether you consult with a law firm, recruit for one or work for one, this product can help inform you like never before.


Leopard Solutions offers FREE JOB POSTINGS for both clients and non-clients. Over 10,000 legal job seekers have registered and thousands search our job board each week for opportunities. We invite you to post your positions for FREE. All applications go directly to you. Click ‘Go’ more information and to get started!