“ The Leopard List provides a service that is incomparable to other companies like it. ”

Lianne Stofsky, President-Stofsky & Schiller Legal Search

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Welcome Recruiters

Leopard Solutions is the #1 provider of legal data in the country. The depth and accuracy of our product line is why we are the most trusted data provider in the country.

Leopard Solutions will celebrate our 10th Anniversary in 2015! Join us as we mark 10 years of excellence and innovation in legal intelligence programming with new products and improvements to our current services. 2015 will see substantial growth, both in our reach and reporting areas.

We begin our celebration with our flagship product The Leopard List, which will undergo a major upgrade and facelift in September 2014, adding new search functionalities and perfecting ease of use.

We appreciate the level of support and encouragement our clients have given us over the years, taking this tremendous journey with us. We have several special things planned to celebrate our 10th Anniversary- we hope you will join us!


Our attorney search database is our flagship product
The Leopard List
  1. Provides an extensive database of over 169,000 associates and partners
  2. Compiles essential candidate data from over 1800 top law firms
  3. Thoroughly researched, accurate and updated weekly
  4. Tracks attorney "history" including lateral moves, promotions and new hires
  5. All records include JD year, Law School and Practice Area
  6. Easily search by Practice Area, JD Year, Law School, Specialties, Corporations represented, and more
  7. More on the Leopard List


Our searchable database of jobs provides the impossible.
Job Search
  1. Monitors and draws 652 law firm websites and 87 Fortune 500 companies
  2. Updated IN REAL TIME all day for open, closed and modified positions
  3. Clients are alerted via email alerts or on their Alert dashboard
  4. Job database easily searchable by Location, Practice Area and more
  5. More on Job Search


Leopard's Competitive Law Firm Intelligence Program. Whether you consult with a law firm, recruit for or work for one, this product can give you a market advantage
  1. Assess the health of your competition, and monitor their plans for growth
  2. Discover new competitors emerging in your market
  3. Identify acquisition opportunities to round out your firm's practice areas or to create a presence in a new region
  4. Understand if a specific practice area is saturated and should be de-emphasized
  5. More on Firmscape



Leopard Solutions helps you stay on top of hiring trends, as well as show the direction law firms are taking. Are they downsizing their LITIGATON department and building up their IP group? Leopard Reporting can tell you by providing the most updated information in its unique format.



Leopard Solutions offers FREE JOB POSTINGS for both clients and non-clients. Over 10,000 legal job seekers have registered and thousands search our job board each week for opportunities. We invite you to post your positions for FREE. All applications go directly to you.



Another exclusive benefit to leopard subscribers, Leopard Cub gives you access to Leopard List data that is outside of your normal subscription. Only subscribe to NEW YORK and DC but need information on attorneys in CHICAGO for a specific project? No Problem! Leopard Cub allows you to perform searches in all subscription areas, and to purchase that data in a one time download format. Search by Location, Type(Associate, Partner, Counsel), Practice Area, Languages, Specialties and Law School, then add the number of data points you wish to buy, calculate and purchase. A link will be sent to you where you can access your download



Our Law Blog and Hot Spot Legal News Aggregator are two free services that you can use TODAY! Our law blog concentrates on hiring and law firm issues, with articles posted by legal professionals each day. We invite participation and encourage clients and non-clients to contribute articles. They can be sent to lawblog@leopardsolutions.com.
The Hot Spot keeps you informed about law firm and hiring news. We search the web each day for stories of interest to attorneys, law students and legal recruiters.

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