Three Onboarding Tips For Smart Law Firms

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The key to keeping talented new hires is putting in place an efficient and inviting onboarding process. Let’s take a look at some ways smart law firms can improve the onboarding experience.

  1. Front-load as much information as possible. To ensure that your new hire’s first day doesn’t become a paperwork nightmare, try to send them as much information as possible before they begin the new job. Allow them to fill out official forms online and read information about your law firm’s policies and procedures without coming into the office. If your new hire can get the majority of their paperwork and reading done in advance, they will start the new job with more confidence and more critical information.
  2. Limit the number of surprises. At every law firm there are a lot of unwritten rules, traditions, and other insider information that no new hire is aware of. Try to put this information in writing and share it with the new hire. Consider creating a “who’s who” list so that new hires know the faces of the law firm’s partners and top attorneys. Also, make a list of traditions that the new hire should be aware of such as the summer party that always takes place around the 4th of July or the Holiday brunch you put on each year. Having information about these things will help the new hire avoid embarrassing situations where they’re caught not knowing what most others consider common knowledge.
  3. Make the first day simple and personal. Instead of focusing too heavily on paperwork, make sure that you introduce the new hire to key personnel on the first day. If you have the staff to do so, consider setting up an informal welcome committee that will be responsible for taking the new hire under their wing. Unofficial office mentors who are willing to show a new hire the ropes can go a long way in making them feel welcome.

For better new hire retention, focus on improving your law firm’s onboarding process.

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