Recruiter Corner: Processes Are Critical To Success

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Success is about results, but it is also about the process that factors into getting those results. Many legal recruiters mistakenly believe they can immediately achieve big biller outcomes, but it takes a lot of work to get there. Your process is critical to your success.

  1. Training. Recruiters who become big billers don’t get there right out the gate. There’s a lot to learn before they develop what it takes to consistently attract lucrative job orders. Big billers have to learn how to sell themselves and their business; how to manage their clients; how to market themselves/their business; how to manage their multiple projects; and how to manage their time wisely. And all of that training can’t happen at a weekend boot camp—it takes time.
  2. Effective systems. Recruiters who become big billers have systems that work well for their business and their personality. No two systems are exactly the same, but they all serve the recruiter’s goals. If you want to become a successful recruiter, you must develop systems that fit your unique needs and goals. Putting this type of system in place is an ongoing process, because all systems require constant tweaking.
  3. Replicable processes. Good processes can be replicated and utilized by anyone in your recruiting firm. Eventually, successful recruiters must hire other people to help them, even if it’s just a secretary for administrative tasks. Having a process for those administrative job duties will improve your chances of successfully integrating employees into your recruiting company.

Achieving the results you want requires that you create a process that works for you.

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