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International Recruiting: The Rules Of The Game

by Beverly Aarons 14. February 2012 09:02

For recruiters still recovering from the recession, international search opportunities can seem like goldmines.  But despite the profit potential in international searches, recruiters still need to follow some basic guidelines to protect themselves.

1.      Never put all your “eggs in one basket.”  International searches are time consuming and could demand a large chunk of your energy; however, you should never put all of your search efforts into one international client unless there is money already committed by the client.  Many international search opportunities which seem initially promising can fall apart at any time before money is exchanged.

2.      Get everything in writing and make sure you have a sizable deposit from the client before you begin working on their job orders. It’s a lot more difficult to collect delinquent payments from an international client than a local one.

3.      Examine the deal.  International search is time consuming and requires odd work hours due to time zone differences.  Make sure you charge a premium on these types of searches according to the difficulty of the search.

4.      Find out which country’s laws will be binding if there is a dispute over the contract or payment.  Some countries have legal systems which are considerably less favorable to foreigners in business, so check the laws and reputation of the client’s country before taking the job order.

5.      Understand the culture.  For example, does the client’s country require that employees who quit given considerable notice? In some parts of the world, an employee must give two months notice. Find out any laws and customs that could impact your search and prepare for them.


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