Law Firm Hiring: How To Win The Recruiting Race

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Attracting and keeping the attention of talented attorneys is difficult, especially when there’s a shortage of quality talent and a lot of hard to fill jobs. Facing that challenge, how do you position your law firm so that you can win the recruiting race?

  1. Amplify your brand.  There’s the brand your clients see and understand, then there’s the brand that job candidates see and understand. What is the brand message that you are communicating to attorneys? Clarify that message and spend some time amplifying it online and offline.  Create brand messaging for your social media platform, website, and through your printed marketing materials that speak to what you offer job candidates.
  2. Understand your positioning. Who are you in relation to other law firms? How do your compensation package and company culture measure up to competitors also looking to hire lawyers?  Understanding your positioning in the legal industry will help you properly approach legal talent in a way that gives you an edge. For example, if you find that you can’t win the talent race on compensation, you might consider highlighting unique aspects of your law firm culture that top attorneys find appealing.
  3. Be transparent. When you find talented attorneys who are interested in working with your law firm, be honest with them. Let them know if you have openings available and don’t string them along in the hopes that you can offer them something in the near future. Good talent will appreciate your honesty and may refer other high-quality candidates your way even if they don’t take a position you’ve offered them.

Winning the recruiting race requires a careful focus on candidate focused branding, positioning, and a willingness to be transparent.

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