Interview Follow-up: Crafting Your Thank You Note

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In the days following an interview, many job seekers stress about the impression they made during their meeting – more often than not on of the most important steps they forget is sending a thank you note. Following up with this type of note is key and a simple way to stay on an employers’ radar.

Here are three tips to keep in mind when crafting that note:

  1. Send it quickly. Ideally, your interview thank you letter should be sent out within 24 hours, but no later than 3 days after your interview. Don’t let yourself become obsessed with crafting the perfect thank you letter that you never send it. It’s better to send a quick, concise message rather than a longer letter later.
  2. Personalize it. Tailor your note to include some of what you discussed in your interview. Including these details will show your interviewer that you were paying attention and were fully invested in the meeting. For example, you might say, “I hope you have a wonderful vacation in Boston,” if one of the interviewers mentioned their vacation plans. Or, you might say, “It was great to meet a fellow Harvard alumni,” if you and one of the interviewers went to the same school. Personalizing your thank you letter will help convey authenticity and make it memorable.
  3. Highlight your qualifications. Take the time to briefly remind them why you’re the right candidate for the role. High specific experience, skills, and accomplishments from your employment history and how they apply to the role at hand. How will you be an indispensible part of their company? Why should they choose you over the other candidates vying for this role? Most important of all show your appreciation for the time they took out of their busy schedule to meet with you.

Crafting a well thought out thank you letter to send after your interview will help your application stand out over other candidates who simply don’t bother. The smallest details are sometimes the ones that make your application the most memorable.

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