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Mindful Monday: I Hate My Job

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I hate my job! You go to college, pick a major that you think you’ll love, graduate and get a degree… Later you find out that the field you chose doesn’t meet your expectations. You're passionate about what you do, (you actually enjoy it), but you’re just over it.

Attorney Job Search: What is taking so long (part 1)?

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You submit a resume for a position (directly, or with a recruiter); an organization, company or law firm calls you in for an initial interview; it goes well and you get invited back for a full round; then....nothing. Crickets chirping. What is taking so long?!

I Hate Diversity, But Not Really

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I hate diversity, but not really. I don’t actually hate the concept and intent behind diversity. No, I am in love with the idea that we can all learn and grow from varied perspectives. Our individual life experiences enable us to have a unique approach to business and life challenges. As the world becomes more and more colorful, we will organically realize open-mindedness and a genuine appreciation for our differences.

New Hire Tips: Best Law Firm to Work for

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Ever wonder what makes a company or law firm the "Best Company to Work For?" We definitely have - especially since there seems to be another list released every time we open our news feed. But is it the best, really?

Mindful Monday: Do Clerkships Matter?

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Do clerkships matter? Many young lawyers fresh out of law school wonder about the merits of a clerkship. The typical lawyer answer is; it depends. If the plan is to embark upon a litigation career path, then a clerkship is highly recommended