How To Conduct Attorney Interviews That Get Results

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Conducting an attorney job interview is about finding the right candidate for your open position. But you can’t do that if your methods are ineffective. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to conduct an attorney interview that delivers the results you want.

  1. Ask the same questions. You should come to each interview with the same basic questions you ask every candidate. Asking each candidate the same questions makes it easier to evaluate each interviewee and helps protect you from discrimination claims. What you don’t want to do is ask one type of candidate questions that you don’t ask another type of candidate since that could be evidence that you’re treating a certain class of candidates different from another class of candidates.
  2. Make listening to candidates a priority. It may be tempting to fill in the silence by chiming in with your thoughts or follow-up questions but doing so may prevent you from really listening. Don’t be afraid of silence. If a candidate needs a few moments to answer a question, give them the space they need. If you feel you need to clarify a question, simply ask the same question in a different way.
  3. Avoid hypothetical questions. Hypothetical questions aren’t as effective in uncovering how a candidate will respond in a certain situation because anyone can make up an answer that sounds good. If you want to find out how a candidate behaves in certain circumstances ask them to describe a situation in which they faced a certain challenge. For example, you might ask them to “Describe a situation when you were faced with an irate client, how did you deescalate the situation?”

Getting good interview results requires you to listen and ask the right questions every time.

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