Author: Charisse Curiel

Law Firm Management: Tips For Revising the Dress Code

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As more law firms work hard to attract fresh, new and innovative talent, adjusting traditional dress codes may be necessary to give them an advantage in the marketplace. Many millennials are accustomed to more casual dress codes or “smart casual” which is a combination of casual and business attire such as a pair of jeans with a dress shirt and blazer. If your firm is considering adjusting the dress code to become more millennial-friendly, here are a few tips on doing just that.

New Hire Tips: Ways To Keep Curious At Work Events

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Curiosity can open doors to new possibilities when you learn about people and things you weren’t aware of before. More often than not, new hires and even some veteran attorneys let fear and complacency stop them from being curious about the job.

New Hire Tips: Tips To Overcome Post-Vacation Swamp

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Taking a vacation is supposed to be relaxing, but for many attorneys, taking a vacation can induce anxiety if you think about what awaits you upon your return. Fortunately, there are a few things attorneys can do to overcome the feelings doom when thing about the post-vacation swamp

Attorney Job Search: Three Interview Blunders

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Even if you’re an experienced attorney with a solid level of self-confidence, interviews can present their own set of challenges. Unfortunately, feeling nervous may cause even the most secure lawyers to engage in some serious faux pas and blunders during an interview.