Law Student Corner: Three Tips For Successful On-Campus Interviews

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On-Campus interviewers offer law students an easy way to connect with law firms that are actively looking to hire summer associates. But how can you position yourself to have a successful interview? Below are a few tips that will help.

  1. Demonstrate maturity. One of the biggest concerns of law firms is that summer associates won’t possess the level of maturity and professionalism necessary for a law firm setting. Since the law school environment is very different than that of a law firm, you must demonstrate the maturity needed to handle the transition. Arriving on time, dressing in business attire, and maintaining a professional (not overly friendly) demeanor throughout the interview process will illustrate that you are serious and ready for this opportunity.
  2. Don’t be a groupie. Many law school students tend to flock to the biggest names when looking for on-campus interviews. They want to work at the largest and most prestigious firms because they’ve heard that those positions will give them the most status or advantage in their legal career. However, this could be a huge mistake. There are many lesser-known law firms that are high quality and could offer extraordinary growth opportunities for your career. Do your homework. Find out which law firms are right for the type of career you want to build. Even if you decide to go with a large law firm, be prepared to give a convincing answer as to why you want to work there. Saying that they’re “the best” isn’t good enough.
  3. Ask the right questions. One of the biggest mistakes law students make is asking questions that they could have found the answers to with just a little research prior to their interview. Research the firm in advance to find out what their typical compensation packages are, partner names, the most recent cases they’ve worked on, etc. Limit your questions to getting information that simply can’t be found on your own.

Take full advantage of your next on-campus interview opportunity—a little preparation will help you stand out and show how serious you are about working for their firm.

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