3 Questions to Ask When Creating Your Career Plan

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Long-term success in the legal industry will look different from attorney to attorney. If you want to succeed on your own terms, you will need to create an attorney career plan that is customized for your unique needs and vision. Below are three questions you should ask when creating your attorney career plan.

  1. Where you are today vs. Where you want to be tomorrow? Oftentimes attorneys have difficulty getting specific about their career vision. One way to gain specificity is by comparing where you are today to where you plan to be in the future. For example, if you know that you want to have a lot of clients in five years, today you might say that you up to at least 10 new client relationships.
  2. What skills will you have in the future that you don’t have today? In order to reach your career goals, you must develop skills that can get you there. For example, if your goal is to develop 10 new client relationships, then you might want to enhance you sales client management skills. This question could also apply to attorneys who aim to become partners. Being a partner means you need leadership and decision making skills.
  3. How will your professional networks look different tomorrow? Getting ahead in the legal industry is about relationships as well as skills and experience. Think about what professional relationships will help you reach your professional career goals. Do you want to get a new mentor or develop a friendship with an attorney you respect? Take a close look at what relationships you plan to develop.

Crafting an effective career plan will require you to ask detailed questions about your intentions and your goals.

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