The legal industry plays a crucial role in shaping society and ensuring justice. But its lack of diversity has led to limited perspectives, unequal representation, and systemic biases. To serve our diverse society effectively, the legal profession must reflect the communities it serves. While diversity numbers within the legal profession have been improving, more can be done.

Advancing Diversity in the Legal Profession and Strategies for Change

Leopard Solutions has been compiling legal hiring and promotions data for decades and its diversity filter has aided the industry in hiring under-represented groups.  We recently reported on the latest data on the state of diversity within the industry whereby Laura Leopard together with a panel of DEI leaders discussed strategies firms should consider.. Go here to view the webinar replay and assess the webinar slides.

Harnessing the Power of Robust Data with Predictive Analytics

Leopard Diversity Probability Index is derived from multiple diversity identifiers with no distinct ethnicity and personal data that allows objective scoring of a firm or an individual attorney.

Leopard Solutions Diversity Probability Index
Leopard Solutions Diversity Probability Index

Analytic Tools Gives On-Demand Access to Insights You Need for Better Decisions

Leopard Business Intelligence
Access the tools, data, and generate predictive models for business development you need for the legal industry.  Leopard Business Intelligence (BI) gives you measured outcomes utilizing current and accurate data on topics such as law firm alumni, attorney history, mergers and acquisitions, firm connections, attorney recruiting and retention and more.
Incorporate law firm data through a variety of reports, analyzing current and historical data on lateral movement, attorney promotions, corporate representation, growth and decline of headcount, law firm diversity, and law firm financials with Leopard Firmscape.
Leopard Firmscape

Leopard Solutions Platform Allows Users to

  • Search for attorneys with a high probability of ethnic or gender diversity 
  • Access law firms’ diversity level 
  • Benchmark across firms by diversity probability levels
Leopard Solutions Diversity Probability view of a firm
A view of a firm’s diversity probability

Leopard Solutions Insights on Diversity