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Our remarkable job program is now available to all law students everywhere! If your school is not participating in our law school program - you may continue with our job search and reporting service. Join for $20.00 a month and receive

  • Access to our School Job Search Program, listing active open positions that include summer associate positions, internships and entry level jobs across the country.
  • Our Summer Associate Program search engine, an upgrade in our law firm profile, that will help you locate summer associate program throughout the country.
  • Leopard Reporting - Search for your law school in the AM Law 200 and see where your alumni are working, find the law firm that favors your school! Search by practice area, specialties and more. It's a fact based report, that gives you a look at the industry that you won't find anywhere else!

There is no other resource like it for law students and it can help you find the right firms to apply to the MOMENT the position become available

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Our Free Services Continue! Use to connect, research and more.....


Need to keep up on hiring news? Our Leopard Hot Spot watches the web for hiring and business issues that directly effect YOU ! We summarize the stories for you, and you click to the story you'd like to read in it's entirety.


This valuable tool will help you look at law firms in a different way. Research where they have offices, how big they are, news articles from the web AND their press releases.


Our new social network is designed to bring the legal hiring community together. We encourage students to sign up, ask questions and reach out to other students and hiring professionals. It is YOUR network! We hope you will find it useful and fun!